Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Strawberry Brownies come together easily with strawberry cake mix and a delicious homemade glaze made with strawberry preserves. The result is perfectly moist brownies bursting with strawberry flavor.


1 box of Strawberry Cake Mix, (I use Betty Crocker)

⅓ cup of oil

2 eggs

½ to 2 tbsp milk

1 cup confectioner’s sugar




Preheat the oven to 350*

In an 8 or 9 inch square baking pan, place parchment paper at the bottom, then spray with non-stick spray.

In a large bowl, use a hand mixer to combine the cake mix, eggs and oil

Spread the batter into the prepared pan. Make sure it is evenly spread

Bake for 15 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Set aside to cool

Meantime, combine the milk and the confectioner’s sugar to make a glaze.

Use only as much milk as you need to get the consistency you want.

Remove the brownies from the pan, using the parchment paper to lift. Set on a plate

Drizzle the glaze mix over the brownies, spread to the edges so that it drips over the edges.

Let the brownies cool completely before cutting into squares.


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